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Police Say Man Beat Neighbor Over Parking Space

Niles man charged with battery for allegedly assaulting neighbor



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    Antonio Arteaga-Ayala

    Niles police say a man was beaten by his neighbor for allegedly parking in the wrong parking space, Pioneer Press is reporting.

    The 33-year-old resident of an apartment on the 8200 block of Elizabeth Avenue told police that he was awoken around 3:30 a.m., July 4 to the sound of banging on his door and encountered his irate neighbor on the other side. The neighbor, identified as Antonio Arteaga-Ayala, 26, of 8281 Elizabeth Avenue., reportedly accused the man of parking in his parking space.

    The victim told police that he apologized to Arteaga-Ayala and went outside to move his vehicle. While heading back into the apartment, the man reported that Arteaga-Ayala came up from behind him and punched in on the left side of his forehead, knocking him to the ground, police said. Arteaga-Ayala allegedly continued to strike the man until the altercation was broken up by Arteaga-Ayala’s wife.

    According to police, Arteaga-Ayala accused his neighbor of parking in his parking space “on purpose,” and he admitted to becoming angry about it. He also allegedly admitted to striking the man in the head, but stated that the man had become angry with him and started to approach him outside the apartment.

    Arteaga-Ayala was arrested and charged with battery. He has been assigned a July 28 court date.

    The victim declined medical treatment, police said.