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Oprah Network May Have Suffered $330M Losses: Report

Will the Oprah Winfrey Network hold on for the rest of the year?



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    Will Oprah Winfrey's network make it through the year? It's a popular question following a recent report of the channel's loses.

    Oprah Winfrey left Chicago last summer to try and save her struggling cable network.

    According to numbers released this weekend, it hasn't worked.

    The Oprah Winfrey Network may have suffered losses of up to $330 million since its 2008 creation, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Now industry insiders are speculating that the network could be gone within the year if a smash hit show isn't found.

    Winfrey brought Rosie O'Donnell to Chicago last year to drum up celeb-power for the channel. But she canceled "The Rosie Show" six months after it aired and even cut it off a day early.

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    Even when Winfrey ended her own top-rated talk show in Chicago, her network struggled.

    Ratings for the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) fell from an average 204,000 viewers in its first week to 153,000 as of May 15, a week before she left Chicago.

    After 25 years, "The Oprah Show" garnered about 7 million viewers weekly.

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