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NU Professor Plays Role in Making "Tron" Believable

The movie is about people living in a video game



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    A Northwestern University professor schooled the film crew of "Tron: Legacy" in what it would be like to live in a video game.

    Malcolm MacIver, a biomedical and mechanical engineering assistant professor, joined four other scientists to work as film consultants on the sequel to the 1982 movie, the Chicago Sun-Times reports

    MacIver faced the challenge of ensuring the Disney movie delivered a plausible plot to moviegoers. The film is centering on humans living in a video game.

    "[I was there] to enable the storytellers to include details of science in their story and get it right," he said. "And, if they get it wrong, get it wrong with malice afterthought."

    MacIver pored over the scripts with the director, producers, writers and other scientists for two days in Hollywood to eliminate any potential anachronisms.

    The film is now playing in theaters, and MacIver is planning to check it out.

    "I'm very interested to see how they carried it forward," he said.