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Busted: More Women Getting DUIs

Crying, pleading won't help you anymore



    Busted: More Women Getting DUIs
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    Try walking a straight line.

    Ladies, if you're in the habit of driving yourselves home after having a few, convinced you can talk your way out of a DUI -- think again.

    DUI arrests of women have skyrocketed in Chicago and across the country in the last decade, the Sun-Times reported.

    At the same time, the number of guys being arrested on DUIs has been going down.

    But officials don't think more women are driving drunk -- they're just getting caught at it more.

    "There used to be a sympathy factor for women," said a former county prosecutor who now defends people charged with DUIs.

    Women who plead and cry don't get a break like they used to.

    So ladies, if you're getting behind the wheel, keep the tap closed -- both on your water works and the one behind the bar.

    The number of women arrested on DUIs is still far below that of men. In Chicago, 671 women got caught driving drunk in 2007, while 4,440 men were busted. But in 2001, just 400 women were arrested on DUIs, while 6,220 men were.