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Search Resumes for Missing Mom

No activity on credit cards or cell phones, says investigators



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    Dale Shannon was found dead behind the wheel of this car after it apparently spun out and struck a utility pole. Shannon's wife, Tanya Shannon, was with him but hasn't been seen since.

    Searchers will head out again Monday to find a missing LaSalle County mother who vanished after a deadly car accident.

    The search will resume at 9 a.m. near the early December crash site in rural Brookfield Township where Tanya Shannon's husband, Dale, died of a broken neck, according to the LaSalle County Sheriff's Office. Officials say the victim's blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit.

    Searchers will return with one helicopter, up to 15 people on horse and a limited crew on the ground, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    The Ransom mother of four, 40, left behind a slipper and footprints in the snow that ended at the road.

    Searchers scoured the area around the accident for three days, but cold weather forced them to suspend the search until the snow melted.

    Authorities admitted no leads have emerged in the missing-person case so far. No one has used the couple's credit cards or either of their cell phones.