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Marvel Blows Up Soldier Field

“My first choice was to blow up Wrigley Field”



    Marvel Blows Up Soldier Field
    Marvel Comics
    Marvel Comics has done something the Bears cannot. Implemented an explosive offense at Soldier Field.

    Marvel Comics plans to drop a bomb on Soldier Field.

    It could be the first offensive explosion of the season at the 85-year-old stadium.

    (Chicagoans will take it any way they can get it.)

    The Soldier Field demolition is part of the January 6 launch of Marvel’s “Siege” mini-series, in which villains raze the venerable institution in hopes of framing some feuding superheroes.

    “Siege,” a four-part series, lays the groundwork for a healing of sorts among Marvel heroes who have endured a good guy civil war that turned Spider-Man and Captain America against the likes of Iron Man and the Avengers.

    Writer Brian Michael Bendis wanted to use the destruction of a Chicago landmark to set up the reunion, because Chicago is the “most American city.”

    But he didn’t have his sights set on Soldier Field from the get go.

    “My first choice was to blow up Wrigley Field,” Bendis told the Sun-Times.“[Marvel Comics Editor in Chief] Joe Quesada is so in love with baseball, he couldn’t imagine blowing it up.”

    “I’m not the biggest sports guy and I meant no disrespect to sports fans, but we needed something so horrendous to happen for them to be united again,” he says. To achieve the effect the writer had villians demolish the field during a game, when players and fans were present.

    It's one method for "blowing up" a team, but most Chicago fans would prefer a simple personnel swap.