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Man in a Van Gunned Down While Driving

Suspect was shot while driving van



    Man in a Van Gunned Down While Driving

    A Chicago man was shot to death while driving a van on the South Side early this morning.

    Linton Goldsmith, 33, was driving in a van near the a van 8000 block of South Jeffrey Boulevard with five passengers. Around 1 a.m the driver of another car fired into the van and struck Goldsmith in the face. His van then crashed into a tree and rolled over onto a car.

    None of his passengers were injured.


    Police are investigating the shooting as a homicide, News Office Robert Perez said. It was originally reported by the Chicago Sun-Times that the man and the van matched the description of a suspect in a number of drive-by shootings perpetrated earlier Monday, but Officer Perez denied the report, saying he did not know where the Sun-Times had gathered it's information.