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Maggie Daley Undergoes Leg Surgery



    Maggie Daley Undergoes Leg Surgery
    Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley, center, and his wife Maggie Daley, left, applaud during presentations as part of their Chicago 2016 Olympic bid, as they visit a local schools' Olympics at a stadium in Copenhagen, Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2009. Chicago is competing with Tokyo, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro for the right to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The IOC will choose the winning city in a vote on Friday Oct. 2 in Copenhagen. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

    Maggie Daley received surgery on her leg today to reduce the risk of fracture posed by a malignant tumor, which is already being treated by radiation therapy.

    The surgery was performed by Dr. Alan Yasko at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and addressed pain Mrs. Daley is experiencing in her right leg. The surgery included placing a foot-long titanium rod in her femur, according to Dr. Steve Rosen, her chief oncologist.

    "She is having persistent discomfort there," said Dr. Rosen, before adding that "there is no evidence of a fracture." Dr. Rosen said the procedure is being performed "for stability and optimal pain relief."

    He also added that there's no evidence of progression of cancer and anticipates that Ms. Daley will be walking again in a few weeks.

    In Decemeber. Mrs. Daley was confined to a wheelchair during radiation treatment on the tumor.

    "We want to minimize weight bearing on the leg until the therapy is complete," said Dr. Rosen at the time.

    On election day, Mrs. Daley was seen accompanying the Mayor to their polling place. She was using crutches.

    Mrs. Daley was first diagnosed with cancer in 2002 and in July of 2006 had surgery to remove a tumor in her right breast.

    A biopsy on a bone lesion in her spine was done at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in April of this year.