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Local Firm Sues Over Reebok Super Bowl Slogan

Drew Brees made the slogan popular



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    Drew Brees and Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints hold up championship t-shirts after defeating the Indianapolis Colts.

    Not exactly sour grapes, but Chicago found a way to tarnish the New Orleans Saints' Super Bowl victory with a copyright infringement lawsuit.

    In a lawsuit filed in Chicago federal court, Naperville, Ill.-based Finish Strong, a company that sells inspirational merchandise with that slogan, claims trademark infringement by Reebok International.

    Reebok manufactured a T-shirt using the "Finish Strong" mantra that Saints quarterback Drew Brees adopted during the 2009 NFL season.

    Finish Strong claims it has had a registered trademark on the phrase since 1998 and uses it in a branded line of apparel. Not to mention they claimed a direct link to Brees.

    The Reebok T-shirt carries the slogan: "We Finish Strong! We Are Saints."

    The lawsuit asks for Reebok to turn over all profits from the shirt to Finish Strong, plus unspecified damages.

    Reebok, however, says it doesn't believe it infringed on Finish Strong's rights.