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Judge Shells Out Sentence for Egg-Throwing Man

Deadbeat dad ordered to find employment and pay child support



    Judge Shells Out Sentence for Egg-Throwing Man
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    A DuPage judge told his egg-hurling offender to just get a job and pay his child support already.

    Get a job!

    That's what a DuPage County judge this morning told the Naperville man who chucked two raw eggs at him at a child support hearing last week, reports the Daily Herald.

    Agim Demiri, 40, was held in contempt of court after he threw two eggs in Judge Timothy McJoynt's direction. Fortunately, Demiri missed.

    For several years, Demiri had appeared before McJoynt multiple times without incident. What prompted the sunny-side-up incident is uncertain.

    You might even say there was no eggs-cuse.

    Fortunately for Demiri, the judge did not pursue a battery complaint, according to the Daily Herald, but Demiri was still sentenced for his antics to the DuPage County Jail for seven days.

    This morning, Demiri appeared before McJoynt again, shackled and apologetic.

    "Regardless of everything that happened, all I really want you to do is get a job and pay your child support," the judge told Demiri, reports the Daily Herald.

    Given his penchant for breaking a few eggs, perhaps Demiri should look into a job making omelets.

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