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Injured Bull Gets Chance at Life

Animal burned in crash, treated for wounds



    Injured Bull Gets Chance at Life

    Normally, hitting a bull's eye is considered a good thing. But an injured bull is a sad thing indeed.

    Fortunately, the community in Porter County, Indiana gathered together to help save the life of a bull that had been left for dead after a traffic accident scattered him and some of his hefers on the road, reports

    Last week, a cattle hauler was involved in a terrible accident along Interstate 94 near Chesterton, Indiana. The bodies of several cattle were strewn across the highway: most were dead.

    Eighteen hours later, a 2-year-old bull was found several miles away. The left side of its body and the inside of its mouth were badly burned.

    Usually, animals that survive such accidents are euthanized immediately, the Porter County Animal Shelter told

    But, fortunately for this bull, the Shelter took it in and treated its wounds. And instead of a slaughterhouse, this bull will be transported to a reserve operated by Farm Sanctuary, a farm animal protection organization based in New York.

    "Farm Sanctuary is happy to take in this bull who has experienced unimaginable horrors over the past several days," the organization told

    Kudos to those responsible for taking this bull by the horns and nursing it back to health.

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