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Tech Jobs Set to Boom in Chicago

New survey says jobs in IT on the rise



    Tech Jobs Set to Boom in Chicago
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    Calling all techies. 

    Unemployment in Chicago maybe over 11 percent, but the forecast for information technology looks downright sunny.

    A new study, “IT Occupation Trends in Illinois,” from CompTIA, the leading non-profit trade association for the IT industry,  predicts a major boom information technology jobs in Chicago

    IT executives and professionals from 171 Chicago companies participated in the Web based survey done between March 23rd and April 8th and told about their need for skilled IT professionals.

    The next two to three years will see an increased demand for employees specializing in “green” IT, mobile and wireless sectors, cloud computing, software-as-a-service and security specialists says the study being released Wednesday.

    There’s already signs employers are on the hunt for IT specialists.  Chicago company Groupon has 10 openings in their IT department - from software engineers to desktop support analysts.

    “While certain IT skills will be more important to some firms than others based on elements such as business type and size, one of the most notable findings from this study is that 20 of the 21 IT skills covered are expected to increase in importance over the next few years,” said Gretchen Koch, senior director, workforce development, CompTIA in a press release. 

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