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Husband Testifies in "Sex Slave" Trial

Man denies beating, raping ex-wife, claims she introduced him to alternative lifestyle



    Husband Testifies in "Sex Slave" Trial
    Kelly O'Brien is suing her ex-husband, Kevin Anderson.

    A man accused of abusing his ex-wife and keeping her as a sex slave testified that he was not abusive during their marriage.

    Kimberley O’Brien, 51, filed a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit against 57-year-old Kevin Anderson seven years ago.

    O'Brien claims Anderson started beating and sexually assaulted her on their honeymoon in 2005, and later forced her to abide by the rules of a master-slave contract, which included walking naked around their Chicago and Wisconsin homes, and agreeing to be tied up, whipped and beaten if she refused.

    But on the stand Tuesday, Anderson denied threatening to beat O'Brien and testified that she was the one who introduced him to the world of alternative kinky sex soon after they met, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

    Woman Claims Ex-Husband Turned Her Into Sex Slave

    [CHI] Woman Claims Ex-Husband Turned Her Into Sex Slave
    Kimberley O'Brien filed the $60 million suit against ex-husband Kevin Anderson claiming he forced her into a master-slave marriage.
    (Published Tuesday, June 11, 2013)

    The defense has been barred from referring to O'Brien as a former prostitute during the trial, but Anderson made several references alluding to her working as an escort when they met, the newspaper reported.

    The couple downloaded a copy of the master-slave contract from the internet which referred to Anderson as "Master KJ" and O'Brien as "Slave Elizabeth O."

    The trial continues on Wednesday.

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