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Hundreds of CPS Students Hold Sit-In To Protest Principal's Rules

Students say they're outraged over principal's rules



    Hundreds of CPS Students Hold Sit-In To Protest Principal's Rules
    Marcus Thompson

    As many as 500 Chicago Public Schools students held a sit-in Thursday morning in the King College Prep gymnasium to demand the resignation of the South Side school's principal.

    The students at King College Prep gathered at 9:40 a.m. in the gym and said they refuse to go to class "until our demands are met." 

    "Students are outraged that the principal has fired quality staff and has imposed new rules that do not allow students to use computers after school and will not even allow them to wait for their ride home in the school building," student organizer Marcus Thompson said in a statement.

    Principal Shontae M Higginbottom started at the school this year, and some parents told NBC Chicago they think her rules are unacceptable and even viewed as Draconian.

    "This school was perfectly fine until they let this lady in," said mother Beverly Harris. "Now she wants to come here and take everything away? You're going to stop them from leaving the lunchroom to go to study hall? ... You don't do that."

    The parents said Higginbottom told them the rules are meant to keep kids safe, but students said they need to be inside the building for after-school activities and to get help with homework.

    "We started to sit in with the hope that we were going to get something done, but so far the only thing she's done is give us the runaround," student Octavia Harris said. "We want straightforward answers. 

    A CPS spokesman said the district met with students Thursday morning to address their concerns and will ensure that the lines of communication remain open.

    "Dialogue between CPS and students is an important component of a school culture that promotes learning," the spokesman said.

    Some parents showed up at the school to remove their kids from the protest.