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H1N1 Vaccine Is Here and You Can't Get It

The nasal spray is being given only to high-risk patients and health workers



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    The H1N1 flu vaccine is finally here and you can’t get it unless you're very little, very old or very sick.

    Thousands of "swine flu" vaccines have been made available to most hospital facilities, but only children, high-risk patients and health-care workers will have access to the shot.

    Everyone else will have to wait another few days.

    In Chicago, a handful of pediatric patients in the Cook County health and hospital system, which received 3,000 doses, have already received a nasal spray dose of the stuff. 

    Northwestern Memorial Hospital received 2,000 doses that will go to outpatient doctors’ offices, the Sun-Times reported.

    Although the vaccine’s distribution started Sept. 30, most doctors’ offices, pharmacies, hospitals and clinics across the nation are expected to receive their requested doses by mid-October.

    The federal government has opened a dedicated web site (www.flu.gov) to help the public understand the implications of catching the H1N1.