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Lysacek Gives a Golden "Late Night" Performance

Naperville native delivered Letterman's Top 10 list



    Lysacek Gives a Golden "Late Night" Performance
    Evan Lysacek skates during the victory ceremony after winning the gold medal in the men's figure skating free program.

    Olympic figure -skating champion Evan Lysacek is adept at toe-loops and one liners.

    The gold medal winner appeared relaxed on "Late Show with David Letterman" Tuesday when he delivered the "Top Ten" list. 

    The Naperville native poked fun at himself by presenting the "Top Ten Thoughts That Went Through Evan Lysacek's Mind During His Gold Medal Ice Skating Routine."

    Here's what he said.

    10. "Did I overdo it with the sequins?"

    9. "If I win, I'm driving the Zamboni to Mexico."

    8. "The kick-loop-twist thing comes next, then after that it's the bendy-twirly- jumpy thing."

    7. "Stop running promos for "'The Marriage Ref.'"

    6. "A gold medal could help me achieve my real dream: 'Snoopy on Ice.'"

    5. "After the Olympics, I'm gonna sit on my ass and play Guitar Hero."

    4. "I wish someone could find a way to combine ice skating and sweeping."

    3. "Weeeee!!!"

    2. "I think I just pulled my lutz."

    1. "Holy crap, I'm dizzy."

    Who wouldn't be after that routine?