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Woman Sues Ex for Allegedly Giving Her Herpes

Woman says the defendant knew he had herpes



    Woman Sues Ex for Allegedly Giving Her Herpes

    A $200,000 lawsuit filed Tuesday in DuPage County claims a woman contracted genital herpes from her cheating ex-boyfriend.

    The plaintiff claims they met and started dating in 2009, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The lawsuit states the defendant, who’s also from DuPage County, was married to another woman for 25 years when he dated the plaintiff.

    According to the suit, the defendant told his then-girlfriend he didn’t have any sexually transmitted diseases. His girlfriend alleges he knew about the disease but disregarded telling her.

    When the girlfriend found out she contracted herpes from her boyfriend, she broke up with him, the suit says. The defendant allegedly contracted the disease when he cheated on the plaintiff with another woman besides his wife.

    She’s seeking at least $200,000 in damages, claiming battery, fraud, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress, in addition to medical expenses and lost wages.

    Cases like this are not unheard of.

    A jury in Oregon recently awarded a woman $900,000 after she contracted herpes form a man she dated. The 51-year-old dental hygienist met a 71-year-old dentist online, and when they had sex, the woman said she asked the man to wear a condom, but he never did. The dentist later told her he had genital herpes, and after taking a test, the woman confirmed she contracted the disease.