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Giant Burmese Python Found Near Waukegan Shoreline

Monday's chill made the full-grown snake lethargic and easy to catch



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    At least one person is thankful for this week's sudden chill.

    A landscaper came across a giant Burmese python in Waukegan while trimming bushes and picking up trash Monday near the beach, city police said. The seasonal chill left the full-grown snake feeling lethargic, though, so he was captured without incident.

    Police Lt. Edward Fitzgerald told the Chicago Sun-Times the python wasn't aggressive, but that didn't prevent a bit of a scare the landscaper had at the unusual sight.

    Fitzgerald said the python likely didn't crawl from a residence, because there aren't any homes nearby, and probably was dumped in the area.

    A curator of the Lake Forest Wildlife Discovery Center told the Daily Herald it's lucky the snake was found before Tuesday's chill and Wednesday's potential frost.

    Rob Carmichael said the animal was sick and injured and could have died.