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Gary Woman Caught with Bingo Card Up Her Sleeve

Police engaged in high-speed scooter chase



    Gary Woman Caught with Bingo Card Up Her Sleeve
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    A Gary woman has been accused of a B-9 crime: stealing Bingo cards.

    Nothing comes between a woman and her Bingo.

    After a friendly game of Bingo, several residents at the Genesis Towers in downtown Gary, Ind., accused Thelma Fannin of walking out with a set of stolen game peices. Stuart Johnson, an off-duty Gary Police Department volunteer officer, stopped Fannin and took the cards from her, according to a civil lawsuit she later filed.

    Fannin quickly snatched the cards back from Johnson and took off on her motorized scooter. According to the lawsuit, Johnson chased her down, grabbed her and pulled her off the scooter.

    Johnson and an off-duty firefighter picked her up from the ground and called police to have her arrested. She was later released from the police station to the hospital due to her injuries.

    Fannin is currently suing Johnson, the off-duty firefighter, and the officer in charge of security at the retirement building, as well as the Gary Housing Authority.

    We never knew that a game of Bingo could be so full of action and drama. Obviously, we've been missing out.

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