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Free iPads for Freshman? Could Happen.

Trustees will decide next week



    Free iPads for Freshman? Could Happen.
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    Incoming freshmen at Chicago State University may get more than just their schedules at orientation this fall.

    University officials are considering giving the entire freshmen class - plus the professors who teach them -  free Apple iPads, reports the Chicago Tribune.

    "Our bottom line goal is to help our students perform," University President Wayne Watson told the Tribune. "Our goal is to take a cohort of students and immerse them in this new world order of information."

    But the idea may be more gimicky than generous.

    Last fall, Chicago State University was in danger of losing its accreditation because enrollment was slipping and they couldn’t hang on to students that were enrolled.

    Officials hope the iPad will motivate students to consider Chicago State as their choice for higher education.  According to the resolution trustees will consider next week, they hope the portable iPad helps “improve the university's ability to recruit, retain students and graduate students faster.”

    If freshmen get the iPad,  they have to finish their junior year in order to keep it.  If they drop out before then, they have to give it back or pay a fee corresponding to how long they had it. 

    The South Side university isn’t the first to try and entice students to come to their school with an iPad bribe.  Earlier this year, the Illinois Institute of Technology announced they’d give incoming freshmen the gadget.

    Chicago State trustees will decide next week if they’ll move forward with the plan.