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DOJ Watching Illinois Board of Elections

By law, ballots are supposed to be mailed to military personnel overseas by Sept. 18



    DOJ Watching Illinois Board of Elections
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    The U.S Department of Justice is keeping a close eye on Illinois election officials to make sure they mail absentee ballots to military personnel overseas on time.

    Ballots are supposed to be sent to those overseas by Sept. 18, and completed ballots must be postmarked by midnight on Nov. 1, according to the Associated Press. But some are questioning whether or not all Illinois counties have complied.

    There are 110 jurisdictions across the state, but the two largest ones are the Chicago and Cook County Board of Elections. Officials for both agencies said they mailed their ballots on time.

    As for the rest of Illinois, the executive director of the State Board of Elections tells the paper he doesn't know if there are any problems, but his office is contacting local authorities to find out if they met the deadline.

    The Justice Department recently sued the state of New York for problems with delinquent ballots overseas, and settled a case this week for a similar issue in New Mexico.