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Cops Nab Donut Shop Robber

Police saw him counting the money



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    Chicago Police Department

    If this criminal didn't want to be caught by police, then he picked the wrong venue to rob: a doughnut shop.

    John McMichels, 64, was arrested on charges of robbery after he held up a Loop doughnut store on Sunday, according to Chicago Police News Affairs.

    Sticky fingers, indeed.

    McMichels walked into the business near the Thompson Center and implied to an employee that he had a gun in his pocket, according to police. He reportedly stole $400, fled the store, and jumped into a cab.

    Traffic must not have been moving very quickly though because only a block away, police spotted the cab and saw McMichels "openly counting a large amount of paper currency," said police.

    As donut-lover Homer Simpson would say, "D'oh!"

    McMichels gave cops a hard time when they told him to get out of the car, but he was eventually arrested and charged with aggravated battery and resisting a police officer.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.

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