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Coyote Snatches Small Dog, Flees



    The ownerss of the Yorkie named Pebbles, say it was a frightening ordeal (Published Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013)

    North suburban police found a barefoot woman in pajamas screaming frantically that her dog was snatched away by a coyote in a Glenview neighborhood late Monday.

    “She was screaming and tried to get the coyote to drop her dog, which was a Yorkshire terrier,” said Glenview Police Sgt. David Sostak. “The coyote ran west with the Yorkie.”

    The incident occurred in single-digit temperatures about 6:25 a.m. near Roosevelt Avenue and Pinehurst Drive in east-central Glenview, Pioneer Press reports.

    Glenview resident Karl Hanson said he was walking on Fir Street near Roosevelt Pool Park to the downtown Metra station when he heard the woman yelling and a barking dog from a distance.

    He approached the woman, who said she lived about three blocks away on the 2000 block of Pinehurst Drive, but the dog was gone.

    “We were looking for her dog when I saw a coyote run by with a dog in its mouth, but I didn’t tell her that. She was too upset,” said Hanson, a structural engineer heading to work in Chicago.

    “I’m not sure if the barking dog belonged to her, but some dog nearby had sensed or had seen something was wrong and was going crazy.”

    According to Hanson, the woman had let the dog out in her backyard when the coyote attacked.

    “This is really horrible and shocking. I saw a coyote in the parking lot of Roosevelt Park last week,” he added.

    Hanson said the coyote was about 2-feet tall. Yorkshire terriers typically weigh up to 7 pounds.

    Sostak said Glenview police would provide more information later Monday.