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Council Set to Approve New Gun Ordinances

Gun ownership could be legal in Chicago in 10 days



    Council Set to Approve New Gun Ordinances

    The Chicago City Council is poised to fire off new gun legislation Friday.

    In response to a Supreme Court decision that clears the way to eliminate handgun bans, the council will follow Mayor Daley's "responsible gun ownership" recommendations and likely pass a new ordinance today.

    Mayor Daley outlined the plan Thursday. The legislation comes in response to the Monday's Supreme Court ruling that basically shot down Chicago's 28-year handgun ban.

    "We are a country of laws and should never be a country of guns," Daley said Thursday.

    Under the new ordinance, residents can buy guns, but only if they meet certain criteria.

    Among some of the rules:

    • Residents cannot buy more than one gun a month
    • Prospective gun owners must take training classes
    • Anyone convicted of a violent crime, or anyone with 2 or more DUI's cannot own a gun
    • Assault weapons are banned
    • All guns require a city firearms permit
    • Only one gun can be kept in an operable position in the home. All others guns must be stored away with a trigger lock in place. 

    The city council police and fire committee approved the legislation Thursday.

    If passed by the full council, it would take effect in 10 days.