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Chicagoans Rally Against Obama

Upset at lack of progress, liberal Chicago groups rally in Hyde Park



    Chicagoans Rally Against Obama
    President-elect Barack Obama waves to the crowd as he takes the stage at his election night party in Chicago's Grant Park.

    Where's all that change, Mr. President?

    During the campaign season Barack Obama made a lot of promises -- to overhaul health care, to draw down the military, to tackle immigration reform and to repeal don't ask, don't tell, among others.

    Now some of Obama's most ardent campaign supporters -- including the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, HealthCare for America Now, and Rainbow PUSH -- are staging a rally in Grant Park this afternoon to ask him to make good on those promises.

    That's the same venue where, one year ago tomorrow, Obama stepped onto a stage before a screaming crowd and declared victory over John McCain.

    The groups' agenda includes pushing Obama to keep fighting for health care reform, specifically a plan that includes a strong public insurance option.

    They're also pressing for change on other issues he campaigned for, and they'll present a letter spelling that out at the rally.

    The event is set for Tuesday starting at 11:30 a.m. outside Spertus Museum, facing Grant Park.