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Chicago No Stranger to Enormous Waves



    Despite warnings due to rough waters and strong undercurrents, many people took to the beach on Tuesday to enjoy the warm weather and the big waves. (Published Tuesday, July 23, 2013)

    It doesn't happen very often, but every once in awhile, weather conditions combine to make enormous waves possible. They're beautiful to look at, but can also be downright dangerous, which is why a Wave Warning was issued on Tuesday.

    Check out some video of some of the most impressive waves we've seen in Chicago and around the country.

    Lake Michigan Waves Pummel Bikers, Runners
    Sky 5 captures high waves at Oak Street beach catching some people by surprise along the lakefront path on May 23, 2013.

    Towering Waves Spotted Along Lakeshore
    Huge waves crashed on the shores of Chicago's 31st and 47th Street beaches in October 2011 ahead of afternoon warnings of 20- to 25-foot waves.


    Huge Waves Knock Down LSD Bikers, Runners
    The waves were so huge coming off of Lake Michigan, bikers and runners were being knocked down along the lakefront path. Sept. 30, 2011

    Surfers Take to Lake Michigan
    City officials typically warn people to stay away from Lake Michigan when the waves get too high, but surfing enthusiasts view the whipping waves as an opportunity. Charlie Wojciechowski spoke to some of the adventurous types in Whiting, IN.

    RAW VIDEO: Ice Wave Comes Ashore
    A different kind of wave as amateur video captures a slow-moving wave of ice blanketing backyards and threatening houses in the Mille Lacs Lake area of Minnesota in May 2013.

    Weird Weather Brings Wild Waves to Maui
    Hawaii is no stranger to huge waves. In 2008, a large low pressure system sent huge swells crashing on the northern shores of Maui. Watch surfers catch rides on the 20 to 25 foot waves.