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Chicago Man Rescues Baby Ducks from Sewer

The eight baby ducks slipped into a sewer in front of their mama duck



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    A group of ducklings had a second chance at life after a Chicago man rescued them from a drain.

    The eight baby ducks apparently fell in a sewer in front of a deli in south suburban Tinley Park, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Kurt Heersema stopped by Winston's market to grab a sandwich for lunch, when he noticed he a crowd looking down at the sewer. Instead of getting the sandwich, Herseema ended up jumping in to the rescue.

    Heersema used a large pry bar to lift the sewer gate, squeezed down into the drain and rescued the ducklings, the Sun-Times reports.

    Witnesses say the mother duck watched closely as her babies were being brought up to safety.

    Herseema, from Orland Hills, told the Sun-Times this was not the first time he rescued baby ducks.