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Chicago Man Helps Student Who Penned Angry Note to Bike Thief



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    A Good Samaritan has reportedly stepped in to help a 19-year-old DePaul student whose bike was stolen in Chicago.

    After Olguiemar "Olgi" Freyre's bike, her only form of transportation, was stolen while she was working near Lincoln and Belmont in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood earlier this week, the part-time student penned an angry, profanity-filled note and left it at the scene of the crime.

    “Do you know how hard I worked to buy that bike?” the note read. “I don’t care who you are or where you’re from but you just stole something from a person who dedicates her time to making her life better rather than going around stealing.”

    The note quickly went viral after someone posted online.

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    "After I realized it was gone, I filed a report with the police and then that's when I wrote the note," Freyre said. "I sort of like flipped out. All I wanted was my bike back and that's why I wrote the note, because I was so angry."

    Freyre, a part-time college student who isn't eligible for the Chicago Transit Authority's U-Pass, said she had been saving all summer to rake in enough cash to buy her bike.


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    A Chicago man who saw the note stepped in and offered to help the cash-strapped college student find a new ride. The man told her his bike was stolen when he was 20 and he "felt for her."

    "He was the sweetest man I've ever met," Freyre said.

    The do-gooder and his daughter met Freyre at a bike shop and purchased her a new ride.

    "He just took me to the store and was like 'Go pick a bike,'" she said. "I got a pretty awesome bike."

    Freyre said several others have offered to replace her ride and have even offered to buy her food or give her money.

    "That's not what I want," she said. "I like working hard for the things I've gained. I just wanted my bike."

    Freyre said she "appreciates" all the kind gestures and is thinking of paying their kindness forward in the form of a bike drive or fundraiser.

    "I appreciate all of them," she said. "I wanted to start a fundraiser to get people bikes for Christmas. All of this weird fame that I'm getting has to be good for something."

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