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Chicago Enters a Deep Freeze

Gusts of up to 35-m.p.h. are expected



    Chicago Enters a Deep Freeze
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    Chicago woke this morning to a familiar winter theme: It’s freezing outside!

    Temperatures plummeted overnight. And this morning wind chills of 10- to 20-below will sting cheeks and freeze bones across Chicago and the outlying suburbs.

    "It's already very cold across the entire region ... when (the storm) moves east and the skies clear over Illinois, it'll get even colder," said Casey Sullivan, a weather service meteorologist from downstate. "Iowa's even colder."

    Actual temperatures are hovering in the single digits, but wind gusts of 20- to 25-m.p.h. make it painful.

    Gusts of up to 35-m.p.h. are expected.

    "You gotta layer up," said Salvador Marquez, a postal worker completing his appointed rounds this morning.

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