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Buffalo Grove Band Has Screen Name in Lights

Trustee candidate names band after controversy



    Buffalo Grove Band Has Screen Name in Lights

    Musicians come up with some pretty creative and bizarre band names, but Buffalo Grove Trustee Lisa Stone won't be too happy when she hears about the latest one.

    Michael Terson, one of the former candidates of the town's trustee election, needed a name for his new band, but he was short on ideas.

    Sarcastically, he suggested "Hipcheck16," the screen name of a Daily Herald commenter who allegedly insulted and slandered Lisa Stone's 15-year-old son in an online message board in April. A judge ruled that Stone was entitled to learn the offender's true identity.

    "We started the band around the time the story first gained popularity," Terson told the Daily Herald. "When the other guys liked it, I asked some friends what they thought, and they all loved it."

    The band name is just another example of Terson and Stone's established rivalry. Terson has already remarked that he thinks Stone's lawsuit against the band's namesake is absurd.

    Hipcheck16's next music performance will be on Saturday, January 23, at Roadhouse in Elgin.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.