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Blago's Seat Sale at $3K and Rising

The chair's been graced by the supple buttocks of Paris Hilton



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    Blago's Jimmy Kimmel seat is going for almost $3,000

    Blago's hot seat is a hot commodity.

    After three days, the seat in Jimmy Kimmel's studio that Blago agreed to sign and sell on eBay is already going for $2,950.

    The seat's a simple taupe Crate and Barrel-looking thing, though its cushions have been graced by several celeb guests (Shaq, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, ...) who weathered droning puns from a man who's talent peaked with "juggies".

    The bidding started at $200 on Sept. 10th, doubled on Sept. 11th, then doubled again (and then some) to $1,000 on Sept. 12th.

    The bidder who offered a cool thousand was then himself quickly priced out by another bidder, who now holds the top bid.

    Bidding ends in three days.

    Blago has the option of keeping the money or donating it to charity.

    Kimmel, to hold up his end of the agreement, will hire three currently people who are currently unemployed. So ... Blago?