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Bank Ads Appear on River Bridge Houses

Bank of America becomes first company to advertise on the landmark bridge houses



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    Bank of America ads went up on the two Wabash Avenue bridge houses Monday.

    The Chicago River bridge houses are for rent.

    Corporate advertising appeared on the historic edifices for the first time when Bank of America banners were installed on the Wabash Avenue Bridge Monday morning.

    The new banners are part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's effort to secure as much as $25 million in revenue from corporate ads. Emanuel has indicated that the city is attempting to sell ad space on buildings, garbage cans and parking pay cans.

    In January, the city distributed a brochure which priced advertising on the two Wabash Avenue bridge houses at $70,000 a month. Advertising on the two State Street bridge houses was also priced at $70,000 while advertising on the four Lake Shore Drive bridge houses would be priced at $140,000.

    Bank of America has agreed to a 30-day ad lease on the bridge houses, but declined to say how much money it would pay, a city spokeswoman told the Chicago Tribune.