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Arresting Developments 10/01



    Arresting Developments 10/01
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    Arresting Developments is our nightly glimpse at the city's festering underbelly. Read on, stay safe.

    Arresting Developments is our nightly glimpse at the city's festering underbelly. Read on, stay safe.

    Cops Bitten, Bruised at Midway

    At least four Chicago police officers suffered minor injuries this morning while arresting a man who attacked, bit and scratched them during a foot chase along the Orange Line tracks near Midway Airport.

    Officer Robert Perez described the officers' injuries as minor, but said they included human bites, scratches, bumps and bruises.

    Feds Go After Latin Kings

    The feds announced charges today against the man they believe is Chicago's leader in the Latin Kings gang.

    Augustin Zambrano is the alleged "Corona," or highest-ranking Latin Kings member not in prison, according to the FBI.

    Fourteen other alleged Latin Kings leaders were also charged.

    Police Search for Car That Hit Woman, Baby

    Police are looking for a brown SUV that struck a woman pushing a stroller before fleeing the scene in far west suburban Plano.

    The SUV hit the woman at 8:25 a.m. Wednesday as she was pushing a stroller with a small child inside at the intersection of Lew and Church streets in Plano. The SUV then drove off without reporting the incident, police said.

    The woman was treated for minor injuries and released. The child was not hurt.

    Anyone with information about the crash is asked to call the Plano Police Department at (630) 552-3122.