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94-Year-Old Killed by Homeless Man He Helped: Cops

Police are looking for a Hispanic man in his 40s



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    Police said Thursday that a 94-year-old man who was found beaten in his Northwest Side home last month was likely murdered by a homeless man he was trying to help.

    Stanely Letkiewicz, of the 2800 block of North Long Avenue, was found underneath a dresser in his home on October 13 this year battered and bruised. The elderly gentleman was pronounced dead Thursday at Our Lady of Ressurection Medical Center and a trying to recover for more than a month.

    He knew his attacker, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    Letkiewicz had tried to help a homeless man in his neighborhood before, with similar results. On Sept. 3, while Letkiewicz was taking out his garbage, a man approched him and demanded cash. Letkiewicz offered him $40 but the man said it wasn't enough, punched him and forced him into the house, where he stole $100 from his wallet. Letkiewicz filed a police report after the incident.

    The same homeless man was spotted outside his home on Oct. 13 by a concerned neighbor, according to the Tribune. When the neighbor didn't see Letkiewicz for a few days after the incident, he used a key to enter the home and discovered Letkiewicz trapped under the dresser. The neighbor dialed 911 and Letkiewicz was able to describe the assailant.

    Police said they were looking for a 6-foot-tall, 220 pound, Hispanic suspect, in his 40s.