911 Caller Looking For Date

Naperville man makes phony report of gunfire to distract officers

A Naperville man thought he had it figured out.

If he could distract police from a drunken woman long enough, he could rush to her aide and whisk her off to the safety of his apartment.

It didn't quite work out as he planned.

James A. Rush was so smitten with a woman he met last week in a Naperville bar that he called in a phony 911 report of gunfire on the city's far northwest side, according to a written Naperville police report.

Rush, 33, now faces trial on a charge of placing a false 911 call, The Naperville Sun reported.

The three-page police report indicated he did so in the hope officers who were checking on the welfare of the woman would race off to investigate the "gunshots," giving Rush the opportunity to take the woman home.

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