Estimated 85,000 Participated in Chicago's 'March for Our Lives' - NBC Chicago

Estimated 85,000 Participated in Chicago's 'March for Our Lives'



    Chicago Joins 'March for Our Lives'

    Concerned citizens turned out in droves for Saturday's "March for Our Lives" rally to spread their call for action. NBC 5's Regina Waldroup has the story. 

    (Published Saturday, March 24, 2018)

    Event organizers estimate that over 80,000 people participated in Saturday's "March for Our Lives" rally in Chicago.

    According to the estimates, 85,000 people attended the rally and march, which began at Union Park in the city's West Town neighborhood. 

    Activists across the country mobilized for a day of marches and rallies in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that killed 17 people in Parkland, Florida.

    Protesters all over the world participated in a call to end gun violence and to demand that lives and safety become a priority for lawmakers, according to the event page.

    March for Our Lives Winds Down in ChicagoMarch for Our Lives Winds Down in Chicago

    The March for Our Lives rally is winding down in the city's West Town neighborhood. 

    (Published Saturday, March 24, 2018)

    Numerous dignitaries participated in the march, including Senator Dick Durbin. 

    The protest was one of hundreds nationwide, including an event in Washington D.C. that featured high profile performers like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Miley Cyrus and survivors of the Stoneman Douglas shooting, which claimed 17 lives. 

    UPDATE: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Mayor Rahm Emanuel attended the march. The mayor is currently in Puerto Rico aiding in relief efforts. 

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