7 Chicago Target Stores Remain Closed After Weekend of Unrest Throughout City

Closures continue as Chicago prepares to enter phase three of the city's reopening plan on Wednesday

Looters rob a Target store as protesters face off against police in Oakland California
JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images

Several Target store locations that closed after protests over the death of George Floyd remain closed until further notice.

On Sunday, Target announced it would temporarily close more than 170 of its stores, including at least seven in Chicago, as protests continue after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Most of the closures are in Minnesota, but at least seven locations will remain shuttered in Chicago for the time being:

-Hyde Park

-McKinley Park

-South Loop

-State Street


-Wilson Yard

-West Loop

There is no word on when the stores will reopen.

The news comes after vandals and looters stormed through several cities on Saturday, including downtown Chicago, smashing windows and stealing merchandise from numerous stores.

According to the company’s website, officials believe that the closures will be temporary, and that staffers at the affected stores will be paid for up to 14 days of scheduled hours, including COVID-19 premium pay.

The closings come as Chicago prepares to enter phase three of its reopening plan amid the coronavirus pandemic on Wednesday as planned even after protests, looting, vandalism and violence across the city, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Tuesday.

"After a lot of consultation and yes, a lot of prayer: we will reopen tomorrow and take this important next step as planned," she said at a news conference Tuesday, saying she had consulted with many business owners who told her they wanted to move forward.

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