1,700 Fake IDs Seized at O'Hare

Many of the counterfeit state drivers licenses were en route to college students

More than 1,700 counterfeit state drivers licenses were seized at O'Hare Airport so far this year, many being mailed from China to college-age students throughout the U.S.

Chicago Customs and Border Protection workers in O'Hare's mail facility found the fake IDs in envelopes or hidden in shipments of electronic and gift items, according to a CBP statement. The licenses apparently were being ordered online and arrived in packages anywhere from two IDs to 48.

The seized licenses are "high-quality counterfeits" for Illinois, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Many of the license shipments were addressed to college students across the country.

“Our greatest concern is the ease with which these high-quality fakes can be ordered over the Internet,” David Murphy, CBP director of field operations in Chicago, said in the release.

Investigations are being conducted regarding some of the intended recipients. 

“CBP will continue to work closely with our federal, state and local law enforcement partners to ensure the security of our nation and assist in ongoing investigations or prosecutions,” Murphy said. 

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