Teen in Coma After Brutal Attack

Doctors believe he was hit with either a bat or a sledgehammer

A 14-year-old boy was bludgeoned in the head Tuesday night as he walked home in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, police said.

Brian DeLeón was walking home from studying at his girlfriend's house when he was attacked on a secluded block of 2900 block of West Bloomingdale Avenue. 

"What happened to him, he doesn't deserve that at all," said that girlfriend's father, Joe Vasquez.

The girl told police she was talking to him on his cell phone when she heard a scuffle then nothing, police said. She went out to look for him and found him lying on the ground with a massive head wound.

"I just saw him laying there, and another man helping him, too," Dayana Vasquez recalled.

The wound was so severe, police said they first thought he’d been shot in the head. After examining the wound, described to be about the size of a silver dollar, doctors believe he was hit with either a bat or a sledgehammer.

De León is a freshman at Marine Math & Science Academy on the city's near west side. He had to pass a test to get accepted to the charter school and was so proud of his achievement that on Monday he paid a visit to his Alma mater, Yates Elementary, to show off his military uniform.

"We're devastated. This is one of our family members... It's just a devastating thing to us," said Yates Principal Harry Randell. "He was a very serious student, a wonderful young man."

Neighbors said the area through which De León was walking is infested with gang members and has been getting worse.

At last report Wednesday afternoon, De León was on life support at Children’s Memorial Hospital surrounded by family members. No one is yet in custody in connection with the attack, police said.

"Whatever these guys do -- what these gang bangers do -- you know what? I hope justice comes to them," said Vasquez.

Dayana Vasquez says she was on the phone with her boyfriend when he was attacked.
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