The Game Of Staying Fit

Rob and Zoraida pledge to take on a new challenge

With the new year comes the same old New Year's resolutions, and losing weight usually tops the list.

Let this year be different. Take a different approach.

I am not asking you to lose weight at all, not even suggesting that you make The Fitness Challenge about losing weight. In fact, The Fitness Challenge is the only fitness game that's not focused on losing weight, but focused on activity.

The game is designed for two players of any age or fitness level. It uses rewards in the form of star points along with wager coupons, such as "We go to pick up the tab" or "Shovel my snow" and if kids play, their coupon could read "I get a slumber party" or "You clean my room for one week". You can also fill in whatever you want your wager to be.

The Fitness Challenge makes becoming more fit a lot more fun!

NBC5 morning show anchors Rob Elgas and Zoraida Sambolin pledged to take The Fitness Challenge and compete for lunch, making coffee, shoveling snow and even running the other's errands. We will follow them for 4 weeks and find out who accumulated the most points and who's crowned the winner.

Rob and Zoraida are very competitive.   I have a feeling this could get ugly.

Check back here for video of Rob and Zoraida as the days progress, and find out how they stay active. And you can join them by taking your own fitness challenge!

Start today, start now! Log on the for more information.

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