Beauty on a Budget

How to make beauty dollars stretch in this economy

In today’s economy we are all cutting back on things but where do you start and at what cost?

O.K. you can live without that new $2,000.00 designer bag, but can you really do without any of your beauty treatments? How can you even begin to choose between highlights and café lattes or manicures and waxing? Not to worry, I’m here to help you get the most out of your recession beauty dollars!
I had a client profess to me that she’d rather “eat dirt” than give up her twice monthly eyebrow shaping! Well even with this economy that isn’t an option.
The most important thing to do is prioritize your beauty treatments.
If you are trimming your hair every 6 weeks save money by extending the time to 8 or even 10 weeks. Treat yourself to a conditioning masque to tame the split ends.
 Monthly pedicures in winter months can be maintained at home with a good pumice stone and shea butter moisturizer. This way you can space out your spa pedicures to every 8 weeks.
 Professional microdermabrasion treatments can be alternated with cleansing or moisturizing Facials every other month and maintained with pharmaceutical home care products.
Manicures can be purchased at a discount in a series and maintained longer at home by applying a top coat and oil every other day.
Eyebrows should be professionally shaped to fit your face. They are the single most important feature on your face so expert care should be taken with the shaping. Do not be tempted to skimp on your brows! No one wants to find themselves in the “don’t” section of the fashion magazines. After your brow shaping, you should leave with personalized instructions on how to maintain them in between appointments.
Hair color is also a very important part of your look. Do not be tempted to “do it yourself” with a kit you can purchase at a drug store. Some things can not be done at home and this is one of them, unless you are fond of orange and green hair!
Be wise with your beauty dollars and you will still be able to maintain that stellar look that you can not bare to part with and who knows, you might still be able to afford that latte.
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