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Specific Exercises For Different Body Types



    Specific Exercises For Different Body Types

    Body Specific Exercises

    The truth is that each of us has different muscular and structural imbalances, different asymmetries, and different limitations, not to mention different goals, so therefore our needs are different, and so our fitness programs should vary accordingly.

    Getting a comprehensive movement screening from a qualified fitness professional is the best way to identify your body’s specific needs, and create the best workout program specifically for YOU.  This will not only ensure that you reduce your risk for injuries, but also enhance your progress for faster results.

    I had the opportunity to give NBC 5 anchor Zoraida  Sambolin a comprehensive movement screening.

    We found a couple of common limitations and asymmetries in her body. 
    Based on her needs, I gave her a few exercises to help correct her imbalances by strengthening areas that were a little weak, increasing range of motion in areas that were a little too tight, and developing both strength and flexibility in areas that motion was limited.  In addition, based on her goals of looking, moving and feeling young, we made sure these exercises, along with other exercises in her program, were designed to use multiple muscle groups at one time, which not only burn more fat and keep you toned, they teach the body to work and function more youthfully and athletically.

    For example, she wanted tight hips so we included a squat with rotation and press. 

    To do this exercise, start by placing your feet hip-width apart, in a staggered stance (right foot about 6 inches in front of left foot), and both feet slight rotated outwards about 15-30 degrees.  Holding light dumbbells (between 3 and 12 pounds) at your shoulders, squat down by driving your hips back. 

    As you begin to stand up from the squat, rotate your body to the right and punch your right arm up into a one-arm shoulder press.  Then lower yourself back into a squat with both hands at your shoulders, and as you return up to a standing position, rotate to the left as you punch up with the left hand into a one-arm shoulder press (left).  The rotation of the body will help to stretch and open the muscles of the hips and core.  Alternate arms with each squat for 10 to 16 reps, then switch feet by putting your left foot in front of the right and repeat the sequence.