Lurie Garden: Green In the Dead Of Winter

Learn about sustainability and beauty even post-blizzard in Millennium Park

On a single digit day buried under a foot and a half of icy snow, The Lurie Garden, at the south end of Millennium Park, still exudes peace and beauty.

"The purpose of the Lurie garden is to provide four season interest so we have plants that are interesting all year long," said Jennifer Davit, the director of the garden.

Davit said the time is now to beat the winter blues with a walk through the garden and to start planning the garden at home.

"Now is a great time to see the structure of the plants and see how the snow lands on the flowers or the seed heads so it really provides a lot of textural interest. When you are making your list to do your spring plant shopping come by see what looks interesting now and make sure to plant those in the spring," she said.

The Lurie Garden also focuses on sustainability.

"We don’t use any chemicals any fertilizers all plants are selected because they will do well in the climate without a lot of care," explained Davit.

Davit points out native grasses, flowers, and stalks. One in particular aligns itself with the sun,

"It is extremely drought tolerant and birds love to feed on the flowers," she said.

While the May planting season is still far away, take a trip to the Lurie garden for a bold look at winter beauty.

If you are looking for a budget friendly Valentine’s Weekend activity, the Lurie Garden will be illuminated Friday and Saturday night, Feb. 11 and 12,  from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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