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Suburban School District Offers Parents Options for Kids Returning to Class This Fall

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A suburban school district is taking a hybrid approach to getting kids back into classrooms this fall, giving parents three different learning options to choose from amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Students in Kankakee School District 111 will be given the three different options for returning to class. Parents will be able to choose between having their children take classes completely online, a “hybrid” program with students only attending classes twice a week and doing the rest of their learning online, and a third option, which would have students attend classes five days a week, but in different parts of school buildings.

The first group would take classes in a completely online environment, according to the district. Those students opting for this program will only need to report to school for major exams and “important functions,” according to a Google document laying out the different options.  

Attendance requirements would still be in place, with most work done with Google Classroom.

The second group would feature a hybrid approach, blending online and in-person learning. Students would report to classrooms twice a week, or would only have partial days in the classroom.

Students choosing this option would receive direct instruction from teachers while in school, but would do most of their research and homework online, likely with Google Classroom.

Students in this group would also come in for major tests and important functions.

The third and final group will be known as “traditional learners.” This group, which will be limited in size, would have students attend school every day, and would have teachers giving direct instruction to students.

According to the district, priority for this group will be given to families with childcare needs based on employment.

According to the Kankakee Daily Journal, the district’s plan will divide school buildings into different sections, with no more than 50 combined adults and students in each section of the building, per the requirements put into place by Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s “Restore Illinois” plan.

Under the conditions of that phase of the plan, gatherings of no more than 50 people are allowed.

Building hours would also likely be extended during Phase Four, with groups of students attending classes in shifts to help deal with potential overcrowding issues.

The district will look to have a solid plan in place by the beginning of August. While the hope is to have children in schools by the normal start date in August, there is a chance that the school year’s start could be pushed past Labor Day, according to the Daily Journal.

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