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Illinois Driver's License or Vehicle Registration Expired? Here's What You Need to Know

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With Illinois’ Secretary of State branches closed because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, motorists are asking what they should do as their licenses and plates expire.

For those with expired licenses and vehicle registrations, there is good news. Secretary of State Jesse White has granted a 90-day extension on both of those pieces of documentation, meaning that once offices reopen, motorists will have 90 days to take care of expired plates and licenses.

“Sec. White was prepared for a scenario like this,” spokesperson Dave Druker said. “We knew there would be expirations and facilities would be closed, so we got a 90-day extension on both the sticker registrations and the driver’s licenses.”

Motorists will also have a 90-day grace period to take driver’s tests or vehicle emission tests.

“If they have to do the EPA test, go to the agency, then come to us and get the sticker,” Druker said.

For motorists who don’t have to pass tests to renew vehicle registrations, officials are urging residents to visit On that website, motorists have to enter in their registration number and PIN numbers, which can be found on vehicle registration documents, and then use a major credit card to pay the renewal fee.

Within five to 10 days, stickers will be mailed to motorists, the state says.

Finally, those seeking to get Real ID-compliant identification cards will have plenty of time to get that done after the pandemic subsides. The federal government has already extended the deadline by one year, to Oct. 1, 2021, giving motorists enough time to get documentation together once DMV’s reopen.

Officials hope that reopening date will come sooner rather than later.

“As soon as it is safe for the public and our employees, we would like to reopen,” Druker said.

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