timeXchange Taps into Your Social Graph to Manage Your Relationships

Would you use a time-tracking application to help you determine and manage your “real” social network? timeXchange hopes so, with some of its latest updates. Instead of becoming stagnant as a tool that merely tracks time for employees, contractors or the self-employed, timeXchange is going the social route, hoping to use its service as a way to provide more immediate value as a relationship-management tool that focuses on working relationships.

If you invite a collaborator to your project on timeXchange, you’ll now also have that person as a contact in relation to that overlapping project, making this service a multifaceted management tool for both projects and relationships. As we use Web-based services to handle more and more of our business and personal relationships’ transactions, we find that there are many groups that overlap with each other within our own social graph. And managing the overlap can be problematic–it’s an ongoing issue that has spurred the development of privacy settings for various types of networks, and helped niche networks remain so for all intents and purposes.

So when we look at the people we actually keep in contact with in person, via phone conversations or Web-based applications, we can begin to factor this into our “actual” social networks. Skydeck made this abundantly clear with the release of its phone call tracking service, which organizes your contacts based on your real level of interaction with each individual.

As Skydeck moves to integrate further with some of the other existing social networks out there through things like its developer tools and plug-in options, timeXchange will hopefully move in this direction as well, enabling users to continue their networking capabilities outside of timeXchange and carrying them over into other networks like Facebook. Perhaps timeXchange will even recommend who they should befriend on third party sites and integrate some of the scheduling and time-tracking capabilities. There’s a new iPhone app that timeXchange launched earlier this week, so additional integration on this end would be helpful as well (get it here).

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