Why You Shouldn’t Take Things in Business Personally

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In any type of business, one encounters different personalities. Some that you gravitate towards and others that you just don't connect with. This is instinctual. It is our mind's way of protecting us and keeping us aware of possible bad situations. A perfect primitive example of this can be seen in animal behavior. For example, a dog barking ferociously at one person walking by while not paying attention to another.

I am not suggesting you ignore that part of yourself, your gut instinct, when dealing with various people that you encounter in your everyday business. What I am suggesting is you cognitively recognize those feelings and keep them in the back of your mind as a warning. What you must never do is voice those opinions to a client or college. You must stay non-judgmental. However difficult it is to do. Separate your instinctual self from your business self. That means there is no judging in business. Every client is just that, part of your business self and not your personal self.

There is absolutely no room for your own belief system to encroach on your professional self. They must remain separate. Your primary duty is always to your clients. So you must put aside your personal instinctive judgments and focus solely on connecting with your clients in order to provide the best possible personal care and service. In essence, you transform yourself into a sponsor for your client. Being a sponsor means that you act in the clients best interest without judgment. You provide encouragement, support and act as a champion. Your job, as an entrepreneur, is to provide your business services tailored in favor of your client.

A disconnect between personal and professional beliefs is serious. You must remember you are a independent agent. And as such, your chief position remains with your client. The reward for remaining non-judgmental is that you will be recognized as a guardian for your clients. Your will become a notorious fighting agent for your client. A loyal champion your clients can rely upon. And that is what makes all the difference between success and failure.

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