Space Bat Discovered on Discovery

Property values on moon declining, also

Although it finally got off the ground after a delay of launch, NASA was wrestling with a bit of a problem with space shuttle Discovery on Wednesday morning.

It seems the shuttle that launched over the weekend had a stowaway.

When Discovery took off Sunday, something was latched to the side of the external fuel tank. Images from the launch show an uninvited guest riding to the stars; a bat ... an injured bat, according to experts.

Apparently, not even super-sonic hearing was enough to warn this bat off the dangerous mission it undertook, and it "remained with the spacecraft as it cleared the tower."

But, "the animal likely perished quickly during Discovery’s climb into orbit," according to NASA's Web site,

Another space concern has become obvious in recent weeks.  Apparently, the collapsing real estate market is now an inter-planetary problem.
Sales of land at the Czech Republic's "Moon Embassy" have dropped significantly.

The country is selling off parts of its international claim to the moon.

But, after two straight months of declining sales, the embassy is slashing its rates. They've dropped prices on moon real estate by 20 percent.

Here in the U.S., sales of the Brooklyn Bridge are down a whopping 300 percent.

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