It's — Not .com

The Better Business Bureau is warning that a common web site address error may lead consumers seeking DTV converter box coupons into trouble.

Information-seekers are told to visit for complete information on the digital television conversion that is just two months away.

Some, however, are mistakenly entering, a Web site which advertises a satellite TV software product and seeks personal information from consumers.

"The company is trying to confuse consumers, or take advantage of consumers that would be going to," said David Beasley with the Dallas Better Business Bureau.

Even the BBB could not locate the company and it rates SatelliteSoft "unsatisfactory" because it failed to respond to a complaint.

"You really should be cautious doing business with companies that don't give a lot of information about where they are or really who they are," Beasley said.

The correct Web site for government information and converter box coupons is

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