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Indiana Popcorn Headed for China

Chinese movie theater company signs deal with popcorn company



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    Chinese moviegoers will soon be munching on Indiana popcorn.

    China has given us great inventions that include paper, printing, and gunpowder. In return, we offer them... popcorn?

    Weaver Popcorn, a northern Indiana popcorn company, has signed a deal to provide popcorn to a Chinese movie theater company.

    Fortunately, the Chinese were also among the first to use salt.

    In honor of its 100th movie screen opening, Stellar Cinema Group signed an ongoing "strategic partnership" with the popcorn biz at a ceremony attended by Chinese movie stars and directors.

    "This is great news for Weaver, which already has a booming international business," Lt. Governor Skillman said in a press release.

    In fact, Indiana agricultural products are currently also exported to Canada, Mexico, and Japan, according to

    We don' t know if there's more than corn in Indiana, but those kernels sure are going places.

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